Tangled Web of Rules, Exceptions, and Perception

Tangled Web of Rules, Exceptions, and Perception

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I really do enjoy the line, “Wow that’s a great photo! You must have a really good camera!”  Yes, it’s all in the camera.  Well, actually, it’s not.  I do use a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera but it is nowhere near the top of the product line.

The technology that is available in today’s cameras is amazing.  Today’s software packages for post-processing are also equally astonishing in providing such creative tools.  So I do tip my hat to the equipment; however, the images that I produce do not only come from the camera and the software.  The final image comes from learning how to identify a strong composition, an understanding how to convey emotion in images, and then how to use all the technology to show the viewer the scene through your eyes.  Without all of that coming together, the image tends to be flat.

The reason that I gravitate towards workshops with professionals that I admire and follow their blogs and postings is because composition and conveying emotion through images is not something that is easily learned.  The knowledge required to produce a powerful image that draws a viewer in is acquired through lots of time and experience.

There isn’t a book with 101 rules to follow for perfect composition.  There are guidelines, but sometimes breaking those guidelines is what is needed to produce a commanding image.  It’s a tangled web of rules, exceptions, and perception, but when that intricate web of knowledge captures an image – it truly is brilliance.

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